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A treatment for a floor sanding

Your interior must be the image of its exterior, that is to say to your taste! Among the many customization possibilities (windows, walls, roof, etc.), your floor sanding deserves your attention just as much as the rest! But it is possible that your soil is damaged or that it undergoes natural alterations due to the work of time. Fortunately, Cap Ponnement can make you benefit from its experience and its know-how so that your floor is as new in a few hours.Cap Ponnement offers you a sanding service adapted to your floor. Indeed, whether it is marble, parquet or even terracotta, Cap Sanding has the solution to give a second youth and all its shine to your floor. 

As marble requires proper sanding, tools specially designed for marble sanding are used for a quality of treatment of your floor that is sure to satisfy you. Cracks and holes will be filled after a preliminary coating preparation step. Whatever the room concerned by the floor sanding of the marble in question, your floor is treated and renovated to restore its shine. Whatever the characteristics of your material (Carrara marble, marble mixture, etc.), Cap Ponnement will apply the best treatment method. 

Your interior must be the image of its exterior, that is to say to your taste!  Among the many customization possibilities

Do you have a beautiful parquet that you want to make shine again? Note that the company offers a parquet sanding service thanks to the application of four sanding grains of different abrasion. Like marble, the parquet is filled with its holes, cleaned of its scratches and the most altered varnishes are removed to once again obtain a uniform appearance, from one side of the room to the other. A ceramic material obtained from clay, terracotta can be an integral part of your floors. For the treatment of terracotta, Cap Ponnement takes care of removing the old layers of wax and then carrying out a deep cleaning which will then allow the new treatments to be applied for a floor in excellent condition. 

Sanding your parquet will restore shine and general quality to your parquet, even more if it is done by a specialist in the profession. Do you want to take even more care of your parquet? So go to the vitrification stage: behind this operation hides an operation with a simple principle, that of protecting but also improving your floor thanks to varnishes or oils applied three times. These three layers protect your floor for at least 10 years and up to 15 years! 

You can opt for vitrification with oil or varnish, both having their characteristics and their interest. Indeed, it all depends on what you want to achieve: if the varnish is more resistant, the oil will, conversely, be even more aesthetic than the varnish.
The hardness of the varnish actually lies in the qualitative composition of the products, but also in the addition of water to the final solution. Cap Ponnement does not exclude environmental considerations since these same products stand out for their ecological side, floor sanding and their quick drying, while offering different finishes. Do not hesitate to go to the blog of the Cap Ponnement website to obtain all the information you need to make your choice regarding sanding your floor.

Your interior must be the image of its exterior, that is to say to your taste!  Among the many customization possibilities

Cap Ponnement, your sanding specialist in Nice

Existing for more than 10 years now, and after having visited more than 460 sites and having carried out nearly 750 projects, Cap Ponnement will meet your needs. The photos displayed on the website portal will testify to the experience of the Cap Ponnement teams. Interested in an intervention? Note that the company offers you a free quote within 24 hours. To do this, complete the form made available on the site by entering your contact details and your message or send an email to  You can also call Cap Ponnement from Monday to Saturday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the number indicated on the site's contact page. The company collaborates in particular with real estate agencies in the region such as the renowned Cabinet Taboni, the Daniel Tricard cabinet or the museum of the city of Grasse.

If the Cap Ponnement company uses quality equipment, it also respects eco-responsible principles in the context of its floor sanding and renovation work. You can visit the company's blog to see some pictures of projects carried out, get advice on your floor and follow the craftsman's news. You are not yet completely convinced? So do not hesitate to consult the customer reviews on the dedicated page. The advantageous prices and the professionalism of the craftsmen in question will remove your last doubts! 


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