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In recent years we have seen the emergence of lithium batteries applied to solar energy, especially from the advertising campaign undertaken by Tesla with its famous Powerwall battery. However, the Tesla Powerwall is not the only battery system on the market or the best, in fact we can only recognize Tesla for having promoted, through its campaign, both solar energy for self-consumption and the lithium battery applied to the home. As for the reference brands currently used are BYD , LG Chem Resu and Axitec Axiestorage . 

However, despite the many advantages that the lithium battery has over the traditional lead acid battery system, few users are currently deciding on lithium technology. From Cambio Energ├ętico we are betting on the introduction of this technology and for this this post. Let us begin

If we compare the prices of a lithium battery and a lead-acid battery, obviously the lithium battery is much more expensive. However, if we compare the price at the end of the useful life of each battery, we will see that lithium is cheaper.

Logically, not all lithium and lead acid batteries have the same characteristics, therefore we are going to analyze the BYD battery and a generic type of OPZS lead acid batteries , which are the most versatile and durable type of lead batteries. Therefore, at the end of the battery system life, the lithium battery is much cheaper than the classic lead acid battery .

To this we must add that the charging of the lithium battery is much faster and therefore with the same amount of solar panels we can enjoy much more energy. As we can see, lithium is a much more efficient technology than the usual lead-acid batteries (GEL, VRLA, OPZS, OPZV, open, monoblock).

Regarding the negative aspects, it should be noted that lithium is a mineral whose distribution, in contrast to lead, is concentrated in a few countries in the world, so it can create an energy dependence on these, such as the one we have now with oil . Its price, like oil, could be affected in the future by possible instabilities in these countries. 

We are in renewable energies to bet on energy change, as our name indicates, and this change must be ecological. It is in this aspect where the lithium battery system fails from our point of view, especially due to the type of mining necessary for the extraction of lithium, which is carried out in the open pit and in many cases in countries with few environmental protection measures. environment and people. This is undoubtedly a pending issue.  

Unfortunately, we start from the premise that none of today's battery system are completely environmentally friendly - lead heavy metal technology is not either. Therefore, a call should be made for the reasonable use of batteries and energy, even if it comes from renewable sources. However, lithium has a great advantage in terms of energy consumption and therefore in terms of the carbon footprint. Let's compare a BYD Lithium battery with a generic OPZS battery.


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