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How accounting help to grow your business

 In such situations, accounting find themselves trapped between management expectations and legal constraints. They must then look for the golden mean. And here, apart from the necessary knowledge and experience, you also need creativity.

Today, the source of information, in which we often look for hints and solutions, is the Internet. Everything seems to be there. However, we ourselves have wasted a lot of time looking for information that is not there. It probably happened not only to us. That is why we decided to take the matter into our own hands and use the blog to help not only ourselves, but also colleagues from the industry.
In such situations, accounting  find themselves trapped between management expectations and legal constraints.

as the name suggests, an accounting by profession. He is proudly distinguished by 20 years of experience gained in manufacturing and trading companies. He completed postgraduate studies in Accounting and Finance at the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk. Since 1999, he has had an Accounting Certificate confirming the qualifications and authorization to provide bookkeeping services 12145/99. Also since 1999, it has its own accounting office. He specializes in tax advisory. He hates entering documents into programs  Despite his modest age, his experience allows him to implement new solutions in accounting, which is now more and more computerized.

for many years he has been designing, implementing and optimizing IT solutions for business processes. Analyzes the current and predicts future requirements of companies in the field of IT structures. He is a project leader, in which he is responsible for budget planning and implementation, accounting with external partners, schedule control, project risk management and negotiations with subcontractors. He is a Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer. He also has experience in the debt collection industry. Very organized, although often due to his funny anecdotes, he can effectively disorganize the work of others.

in running a blog, our friendly Law Firm also adds its three cents, enriching our texts with legal threads. has been working in the financial world for many years. He lends his experience to the blog and, with many responsibilities, finds time to create interesting texts.
In such situations, accounting  find themselves trapped between management expectations and legal constraints.

intended for accountants who want to learn more not only about the current changes in legal regulations and their effects, but also about how to deal with them. In our work, we focus on creativity and professionalism. accounting We are looking for solutions that are both compliant with the regulations and the expectations of business owners. With the help of a blog, we want to gain and share the acquired knowledge and answer emerging questions. Thanks to this, our blog will become a tool for the exchange of valuable information that will benefit us all.

Our blog also has an entertainment zone NaszePiekielko, consisting of two parts. In the first, we will present various absurdities and comic situations from the life of an accountant in offices and beyond. In the second you will find jokes about working in accounting and the so-called business. We invite everyone who wants to improve their mood both at work and during a walk.


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