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Integral Motorbike Spares How To Choose It And How To Save Fuel

According motorbike spares to safety, comfort, versatility and meteorological conditions, it is important that the full-face helmet is a mandatory piece to use on the motorcycle.

To choose the most suitable helmet, some characteristics must be taken into account.

What full face helmet do I choose?

Depending on the motorcycle and the riding style, one type of helmet or another will be necessary.

Homogenization is essential when choosing it, since it indicates that the product is suitable for use and guarantees its behavior in impact situations.

motorbike spares

What size motorbike spares do I wear?

To be able to choose the size well, you have to measure the perimeter of the head and try on different models that the brands offer you. Choose the size that you see that gives you support but is not tight or loose. That fits.

What qualities or characteristics should I ask to be offered?

It is important that the motorbike spares helmet avoids fogging, the mist usually makes vision impossible, that it has an adequate ventilation system.

Some models offer a retractable solar screen, to avoid glare.

And finally, look for the aesthetics and the price that best suits us.

We give you 10 useful tips to avoid overspending on your fuel.

Turn off the car.

Turn off the car if you think it will be stopped for more than 30 seconds.

Check Air filter.

One in four cars needs to be replaced. Having a new filter saves up to 10% on fuel.

Tune the engine.

A well-tuned engine can improve mileage by 4%.

Tire alignment and pressure.

If the tires are under-pressure motorbike spares and misaligned, they wear out faster and force the engine to work harder. When they are well, you can save 10% on fuel.

Slow down the speed.

For every 8 km you can improve fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

motorbike spares

Accelerate progressively.

Wait for the engine temperature vehicle to stabilize to demand maximum engine power.

Avoid sudden accelerations and deceleration.

If you drive very fast every 100km / h that you exceed, you will use twice as much fuel. More speed, more expense.

Cold start.

There is no use warming up the motorbike spares engine when the vehicle is not in motion. If it works empty, it only consumes fuel.

Air conditioning

Use it on the road, open windows increase resistance to air and fuel consumption.

Suitable routes.

By planning your routes and choosing the shortest one, you can save fuel.


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