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Smart home - home automation system VS smart gadgets

“Smart house”, “Internet of things”, “Boxed DIY solutions”, “KNX-solutions” - all these concepts in a broad sense can be attributed to the tasks of designing and using home automation systems for “smart home”. In fact, the opinion of the end consumer is interesting.

Smart home - home automation system VS smart gadgets, image # 1

What is “Smart Home” in the eyes of the end user?

This question was very thoughtfully and consistently researched by the famous English expert on "smart houses" Sophia Thomas. After interviewing hundreds of users and potential buyers, she compiled the following list of requirements for home automation systems:

  • Automation (i.e. ease of use) of shared functions such as lighting, heating, irrigation, etc.
  • Integration and interoperability - people want technologies to easily integrate and share data
  • Notifications should go smoothly. This is a security issue, few people are willing to pay for raw technology.
  • Visualizations - the ability to see energy use, average room temperature, etc.
  • Easy to install and especially to use. Nobody wants a long, months-long installation and then install hundreds of smart home control apps.
  • Remote access - using a smart device to check that everything is in order at home, the ability to change settings before returning home
  • Easy to switch functions and modes
  • Energy efficiency - energy optimization / money saving potential.
  • "Wow factor" - people want the latest technology

In fact, we have before us an inverted of the basic needs of potential buyers of a "smart home". And high-quality companies build their work based on the main requests of customers. home automation, "wow-effects" give way to the issues of reliability, continuity, simplicity and comfort of automated systems.

Smart home - home automation system VS smart gadgets, image # 2

A small nuance for a certain category of customers of smart home systems for home automation: you may have to compromise some reliability criteria if you want maximum innovation in the smart home system. Setting up a home aerodron to “bring drinks from the fridge” is no longer a fantasy; it's another matter that such a solution will not be as stable as controlling household robotic vacuum cleaners.

Professional “smart home” or DIY solution out of the box?

"Smart home" from professionals

  • System reliability
  • Easy scaling of functions
  • Unlimited (within reasonable limits) increase in the number of additional subsystems, sensors, control devices
  • Unified standard, unified home automation format
  • One application for mobile control and monitoring (!)
  • Complete compatibility of unique solutions for every home using a common data bus


  • Corresponding cost
  • It takes time for project development and installation
Smart home - home automation system VS smart gadgets, image # 3

Boxed DIY solution

  • Low price
  • Fast installation thanks to the use of wireless technology
  • Can be installed by yourself


  • Difficult to combine different types of DIY devices
  • Low bandwidth wireless technology when shared
  • Different apps for different devices
  • Limit on the number of devices


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