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Repairing Slate Roof Restoration Why Is It So Important?

Let's talk about what slate Roof Restoration is and its importance. The roof is the main element that is most exposed to inclement weather and the passage of time, due to this it is what suffers the most and deteriorates.We must not allow a long time to pass between periodic reviews and maintenance.We usually advise, depending on the roof and the geographical area, a minimum annual revision.

If not, we may find ourselves under the situation of being forced to carry out a repair of our roof or if a general rehabilitation of our entire roof is more damaged.There are a number of factors to take into account when making a repair to our roof.We will have to assess a series of elements to see the state in which the roof is and thus be able to carry out a repair with optimal results. We must be very careful especially with the thermal insulation and waterproofing of the entire perimeter of the Roof Restoration and its elements and finishes.

about what slate Roof Restoration  is and its importance. The roof is the main element that is most exposed to inclement weather

Different types of roof repairs.

For roof repair there are different types of materials that cover our roof. For this, it is essential to assess the state in which the most important parameters can be found. In the most common cases, they are tiles or slates in poor condition causing possible condensation, leaks or leaks.The roof repair would mainly consist of waterproofing and cleaning all the most affected points of the roof.

 The replacement of new tiles or slates with their respective fixings, using waterproofing paints and various types of silicones to ensure maximum waterproofing of our Roof Restoration. Depending on the area where we are, it is a very important point where we have to assess all kinds of factors, such as inclement weather or extreme temperatures.

Several types of slates are available for our taste and especially aesthetics.Other elements where they are usually used in the repairs of warehouse roofs or similar roofs are sandwich panels, an economic resource that provides us with good thermal insulation but very limited in the aesthetic part.One of the most important factors to assess is the type of slope of our roof.

about what slate Roof Restoration  is and its importance. The roof is the main element that is most exposed to inclement weather

If our roof has a great slope, it is a very favorable point when it comes to repairing our roof. This is because it will be easier for you to channel all the spilled water around the perimeter of the roof. With good thermal insulation and a good waterproofing sheet we guarantee a successful job under these conditions.On the contrary, a Roof Restoration with less inclination, the water spilled around the perimeter of the roof will be more difficult to evacuate.

We will have to ensure a good waterproofing with other types of waterproofing sheets to ensure in the long term that the Roof Restoration slab is without being able to create any type of humidity, condensation or leaks. For the placement of all these materials we recommend using the adaptation of a light structure to avoid an excessive load on our roof and in turn create a ventilation that will ensure the elimination of all types of condensation.


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