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Flat Design is one of the most talked about topics in web design and user interface trends. Flat design is a minimalist web design approach that emphasizes usability. As the name implies, it is defined by the flatness of the style: simplifying the interface of a web page by removing additional elements such as shadows, textures and gradations that create a 3D look. It offers clean, open space, sharp edges, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations, which easily attract the attention and guide the eye of the website visitor. A website is designed and judged by how well it works and how it looks. This functionality focuses on the Internet user experience. Thus, websites that use this design style are more likely to receive positive feedback in terms of user friendliness. Flat web design can be used to create really beautiful, simple web interfaces, but it is not necessarily suitable for every web page. One has to take into account what one is trying to achieve visually and what o


In addition to the management elements and monitoring indicators of any hotel establishment, a group of hotels requires specific data processing, personalized access, specific support and tailor-made tools . Its software must adapt to its hotel needs and have a certain flexibility to participate in the success of the hotel group. Find out more in this article .Centralized multi-property savoy hotel The first point is the most important since any management of a Hotel accommodation group needs multi-property management. What does that mean ? Multi-property management offers access by establishment to each of them, but all are centralized under the group . Management therefore has global access to the entire  Hotel accommodation   portfolio. Immediately, the software offers a panoramic view of all your establishments. Conversely, each establishment only has access to its data for greater efficiency . Second point to check, the quantity of authorized access ( software with unlimited user


Pink diamonds are an exquisite combination of rarity and deep, beautiful color, perfectly harmonizing with femininity.In recent decades, Pink diamond have become more and more in demand, largely due to the increasing demand caused by their shortage. Of course, the kaleidoscope of beautiful colors is important here. Soon we may witness a new  Pink diamond  sales record at Sotheby's Hong Kong auction. An extremely rare, flawless pink diamond is waiting in the place of honor for the best offer. The diamond could surpass the current record of the Graff pink specimen, sold for $ 46 million in 2010. The diamond that will be auctioned at Sotheby's auction surpasses the Graff specimen in depth in color and in being a flawless diamond. An 8.41 carat flawless diamond in a pear cut has a fancy pink purple color. It was cut from a raw 19.54 carat rough diamond. Its internal integrity is very rare in  Pink diamond . The color of the diamond has reached the highest rank in the GIA (Gemmolog