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In addition to the management elements and monitoring indicators of any hotel establishment, a group of hotels requires specific data processing, personalized access, specific support and tailor-made tools .

Its software must adapt to its hotel needs and have a certain flexibility to participate in the success of the hotel group. Find out more in this article .Centralized multi-property savoy hotel The first point is the most important since any management of a Hotel accommodation group needs multi-property management.

What does that mean ?

Multi-property management offers access by establishment to each of them, but all are centralized under the group . Management therefore has global access to the entire Hotel accommodation  portfolio. Immediately, the software offers a panoramic view of all your establishments. Conversely, each establishment only has access to its data for greater efficiency .

Second point to check, the quantity of authorized access ( software with unlimited users is ideal ) as well as the configurable profiles  :

  • Direction
  • Sales department
  • Yield Manager
  • Accounting
  • Receptionist

A Cloud hotel software is essential nowadays to manage a Hotel accommodation group and allow sharing observation data between headquarters and the establishment. The cloud saves time , at all levels.Thanks to the cloud, data is updated in real time . No delay affects your statistics, you know your fill rate. This allows analysis, decision-making and an application of yield management adapted at any time.

The cloud allows management access to their personal space and data in the same way, whether they are at headquarters, on the move or within one of their hotels.

In addition, the cloud helps this rapid transition under excellent conditions when changing PMS. The absence of installation and the need for new equipment has the positive consequence of the absence of technical constraints: an internet connection will suffice.

A shared customer file for personalized follow-up To retain a customer , you have to know him but above all recognize him from his second visit. This problem is all the more true for a group. A customer can be brand loyal without returning to the same establishment. Identifying it is essential to enhance it!

A hotel chain or a hotel group needs to pool all of the data . The customer file is consolidated between all the entities. Thus, a customer recognized as having already visited another establishment in the group will be identified, his pre-filled form will save time for him upon arrival and his welcome will be more personalized. Plan this when setting up your PMS, the customer experience will only be better!

To take it one step further, you can consider connectivity with a loyalty program or customer experience software.

Apart from the customer file, it is recommended that the data be individual and dissociated between each establishment. Thus, Hotel accommodation employees only have access to their planning, their available rooms, their reservations, etc. and will save time in their research.The deployment of new software within a hotel group is a delicate period for a group, often generating concerns. The change of PMS is an important moment when the hotelier needs support to succeed without impacting its management and its customers.

Ask questions of the solutions you will be working with, take an interest in the support that is planned well in advance of your choice when changing PMS. Find a partner who will analyze your needs and plan the deployment of its solution with a clear savoy hotel, adapted to your pace and that of each of your establishments.

Lastly, ensure support for both your head office and each of your establishments. The training of all is the key to your success with your management software!The profession of hotelier is a profession of passion, versatility and daily challenge.

In addition to being a good host and having an unparalleled sense of customer service , you must be a good manager, an accountant and a manager. This versatility requires adaptability as much as know-how. But to adapt, you have to have access to all the information instantly to make the right decisions at the right time .

The first tip to save time is simple: centralize all of your management in a single space . Your Hotel accommodation software, also called PMS for Property Management System, must have a central planning bringing together direct reservations, those coming from OTAs (via the Channel Manager) and those from your website (via the Booking Engine or online reservations engine ). Our experts recommend working on a single interface, going so far as to bring together all of your reservations, your distribution channels and your pricing plans on the same common space. For your convenience, also look for a solution where everything is easily modifiable in a few clicks to keep this optimization of time..

Having software that centralizes all management data is essential. But too much data makes the work time-consuming ... especially when you drown with a large quantity, not necessary for the good achievement of its mission.

Our advice is to set up personalized access for the different members of your team, according to their needs , to improve their performance. For example :

Reception will have access to all reservation data, customer files, planning, etc.The maintenance staff will have direct and unique access to the “Housekeeping” section to know the rooms to be prepared and to report the finished rooms on their smartphone in real time.The accountant will have access to all the accounting part to carry out his own Excel extractions and be independent in the establishment of his balance sheets.Management will have full access for overall management.The Support service is included in the savoy hotel offer to assist you in setting up these personalized accesses and to advise you.

Having all the customer's information, no matter where it comes from, in your management tool is a convenience that you must offer yourself. Searching for a customer's information on multiple interfaces results in a greater risk of error and unnecessary time spent. Time that your customer will not want to devote when checking out… Reduce your processing time at each visit to reception and you will increase your performance as well as your customer satisfaction .

Your hotel PMS solution must be connected or connectable, such as savoy hotel with an open API , to your catering software, your self check-in / check-out terminals, your payment module or even your e- mail solution. -reputation, etc ...


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