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Pink diamonds are an exquisite combination of rarity and deep, beautiful color, perfectly harmonizing with femininity.In recent decades, Pink diamond have become more and more in demand, largely due to the increasing demand caused by their shortage. Of course, the kaleidoscope of beautiful colors is important here.

Soon we may witness a new Pink diamond sales record at Sotheby's Hong Kong auction. An extremely rare, flawless pink diamond is waiting in the place of honor for the best offer. The diamond could surpass the current record of the Graff pink specimen, sold for $ 46 million in 2010. The diamond that will be auctioned at Sotheby's auction surpasses the Graff specimen in depth in color and in being a flawless diamond.

An 8.41 carat flawless diamond in a pear cut has a fancy pink purple color. It was cut from a raw 19.54 carat rough diamond. Its internal integrity is very rare in Pink diamond. The color of the diamond has reached the highest rank in the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) classification.

Prior to the auction, the diamond will be on display in Singapore, Taipei, New York, London, Geneva and Hong Kong. According to Sotheby's, diamond has one of the most beautiful and concentrated shades of pink in diamond.

The current sales record for a diamond or any other gemstone is held by the Graff Pink diamond, a 24.76 carat specimen, purchased by Laurence Graff at the Sotheby's auction in Geneva in November 2010 for $ 46.2 million ($ 1.86 million). per carat). And the current record for sales of a pink diamond per carat is $ 2.15 million. Such a record was set by a 5-carat diamond, sold in Hong Kong in 2009 for $ 10.8 million.

A rare pink diamond due to its weight, color and purity could break the record price per carat for a stone of this color at its auction in Geneva, with appraisers expecting the sale price to reach up to 50 million dollars (EUR 44.1 million). 

"It weighs exactly 18.96 carats. "When we know that most pink diamonds weigh less than a carat, then we are talking about a very large weight," explained Jean-Marc Linnell, an international jewelry expert at Christie's.

"Pink Legacy", in intense deep pink color, is classified in the category "fancy vivid", the highest in the scale used for colored Pink diamond. "Fancy vivid" diamonds weighing more than 10 carats are almost unknown in auction rooms, as only four pink "fancy vivid" diamonds have been put to the hammer at auction, according to Christie's.

"Pink Legacy" also belongs to the so-called type II diamonds, which means that it contains little or no trace of nitrogen, which represents less than 2% of all diamonds, according to experts. Pink diamond of this type belong to the purest of chemical composition and often have "an excellent transparency and shine", says Christis.

"Pink Legacy", a completely classic size, belonged for decades to the Oppenheimer family, which for decades ran the mining company De Beers, explains Christie's, who does not want to reveal the name of its current owner.

The Pink diamond from the mines of South Africa was discovered almost a century ago, it was cut a long time ago, probably in the 1920s and has not been cut since. Its value is estimated at between 30 and 50 million dollars (between 26.5 and 44.1 million euros).

"We need to know that this particular diamond is indeed excellent and probably the most beautiful ever presented at auction. "Therefore, there are reasons for any hope of success in the sale of this precious stone today." 

It is a fact that diamonds from ancient times attracted the interest of people. According to the first historical records, the first diamonds were found in India around 500 BC. Originally, they were used to make rings and necklaces, as in India they were believed to protect them from their enemies and to bring them luck. Of course, these perceptions, apart from India, prevailed in ancient Greece as well as in ancient Rome. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word "adamas" which was used to describe the hardest materials of that time.

Diamond in general, is a mineral crystal particularly impressive and admirable. Its durability and rare beauty make it the most sought after gemstone. Pink diamond  It consists mainly of carbon but also of other chemical elements which can affect some of its basic characteristics, while the value of the diamond is determined by its color, its purity, its cut and its weight in ("The 4 C "- Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight). Each of these factors plays an important role in choosing a diamond.

Most diamonds are not completely colorless but contain a quantity of color, which is sometimes visible and sometimes not. So depending on their color, diamonds are divided into 4 categories: Yellow diamond, brown diamond, gray diamond and black diamond. Definitely the most sought after is the white colorless diamond, followed by pink and blue. The black diamond is as hard as the transparent diamond, although in terms of its gravity (specific gravity - the difference in weight that a gemstone has when it is in water relative to its weight in air) is much lower. Its black color is due on the one hand to the presence of a large number of black inmates, which enclose all the light that emerges from the diamond and on the other hand in the presence of the chemical element "Northern & Graphite". Black diamonds are not transparent while they are usually cut in a round cut (round) but not exactly round briliand cut as it is not necessary to reflect light. More specifically, during polishing, which is one of the most important processes that must be followed when cutting a Pink diamond, the crown (ie the top of the diamond) acquires a brilliant cut , while the base (cullet) acquires an octagonal cut (eight cut), as it does not need to have a complete cut since it forms the base of the diamond.

In addition to color, the black inclusions contained in the black diamond , largely determine its purity (clarity). In the term enclosed, we refer to the "internal imperfections" of a diamond and which may differ from diamond to diamond in relation to their number, position, naturalness, size and of course their color.

The black diamond began to be used in the manufacture of jewelry from 1900 onwards, and now, it is an attraction for gem lovers. It is worth noting that these diamonds are not related to the (carbonado) which is mined in Brazil and is usually referred to as a black Pink diamond, due to its appearance. Brazilian carbonado (carbonado) is a polycrystalline material, which consists mainly of graphite, carbon and diamond. In its natural form it has a black or dark gray color.

As black diamonds are extremely rare in nature, the jewelry industry uses a wide range of color-enhanced natural diamonds. These processing methods do not damage the physical or chemical structure of Pink diamond and only result in their permanent color change. In recent years, black diamonds are surprisingly interesting as their price in relation to the corresponding weight white diamonds allows you to create impressive jewelry that is worth acquiring. The combinations that can be made are dozens with the most popular being the combination of black diamonds with rose gold.


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