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Flat Design is one of the most talked about topics in web design and user interface trends. Flat design is a minimalist web design approach that emphasizes usability. As the name implies, it is defined by the flatness of the style: simplifying the interface of a web page by removing additional elements such as shadows, textures and gradations that create a 3D look. It offers clean, open space, sharp edges, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations, which easily attract the attention and guide the eye of the website visitor.

A website is designed and judged by how well it works and how it looks. This functionality focuses on the Internet user experience. Thus, websites that use this design style are more likely to receive positive feedback in terms of user friendliness.

Flat web design can be used to create really beautiful, simple web interfaces, but it is not necessarily suitable for every web page. One has to take into account what one is trying to achieve visually and what one wants to convey. The main purpose of a web application, a mobile application or a web page should be to convey a clear message and to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for the web site user. It is the job of the web designer to ensure that a particular design aesthetic does not affect usability, depending on the content of the website.

Responsive Web Design is a modern trend in the field of web design and will continue to be used more and more. It is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes in the appearance of a web page, depending on the size of the screen and the orientation of the device used to display it. Responsive Wed Design is the art of designing "smart" websites for a range of devices, so that there is an optimal experience for every Internet user in every possible size.

Web developers and developers need to make sure that their creations look and work just as well on both mobile devices and desktops. The programming techniques they use give "flexibility" to the various structural elements of the website, such as images, videos, menus, etc., depending on the screen resolution. Nowadays, more and more users have access to the Internet through computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This has increased the need to use the Responsive Wed Design method not only for a simple website, but also for an online store, as many users use tablets or smartphones for online shopping.

  • Advantages of Responsive Wed Design:
  • Contributes to the most effective search engine optimization by using a URL.
  • Provides a complete report of website visits for different types of devices.

The maintenance of the content, but also the technical maintenance of the website is easier and cheaper, since it is a single page and not for multiple pages. All users have the same web design experience, however adapted to the needs and capabilities of each screen.

In a world that is evolving at breakneck speed, trends and interests are changing rapidly and people are looking for companies that know how to keep up with the pace and demands of the times. A website that was designed with the trends in mind even a few years ago, today seems outdated and the only solution to regain the interest of internet users, is a proper redesign.Basic indications that indicate the need for redesign

Outdated design

Your website is the electronic image of your company and in order to be attractive to users it must keep pace with current trends. Colors, style, effects etc. which followed the fashion of previous years today are the clothing of an outdated era.

Outdated functions

Depending on the appearance, the functionality of the website should follow the evolution of technology. An example is the use of Flash where in the last decade it was one of the most popular tools. However today a Flash based website just won't work on an iphone or ipad!

Difficult navigation

A slow and dysfunctional navigation of your website will immediately push the visitors to your competitors' websites. Multiple versions of the main menu that do not return to the home page, broken links or links that simply refresh the content of the page that the visitor is already on, are just some of the problems that indicate the need to refresh the design of the website.

Incorrect appearance

Over the years new versions of browsers appear with just a few examples: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Both these programs and the new devices that go on the market differ significantly in the way they display a web page. Websites are therefore required to have a proper web design that can be adapted to all modern requirements and this is often equivalent to a re-approach.

Low ranking in search engines

Even if your website is beautiful and fully functional, if it is not optimized for search engines it will not achieve its goal: to be able to find potential customers in their search. Similar to changes in appearance trends, search engine requirements are also changing and every web design needs to be able to meet them. A proper redesign will allow your website to maintain a high ranking position compared to the positions of your competitors.

One of the first things that comes to mind when deciding to build a website is the address it will have. The right choice of address is the one that will allow a visitor to locate the website in a search engine even if he does not know in advance its exact address. The two most common trends are to choose as the address the very name of a company or a person or a title that corresponds to the content that the website is going to display.

Choose a website name

Many times the brand is combined with a brand name, thus achieving better ranking in search engines. When the address is focused on the item being promoted or a service being offered, then it is important that the representative word chosen is well targeted. The domain name should include keywords, eg delivery if it is a company that delivers parcels, but also be short and easy to memorize.

In other words, the addresses should be in some way 'intuitive' so that the customer is able to perceive the content of the website simply by its name. Some web optimization experts argue that an obvious address is usually good, as customers tend to simply type the name of a product followed by a suffix into one of their browsers.

Suffix selection

Having chosen an appropriate name, the next decision lies in the outcome that will be chosen for the site. What is more prevalent is that a suffix such as .gr or and not .biz, .info etc gives a website more weight in search engine algorithms, while others believe that customers see these suffixes more reliably.

Name timelessness

The domain name must serve the needs of the business now and in the future, so the factor of time must not be overlooked when choosing the address of a website. Something that is modern or understandable today, does not mean that it will give the right orientation even after a few years. The goal is for the management to represent the business in the long run and to be able to expand with it.


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