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For some people traveling becomes a necessity, for others it is a luxury and for the vast majority a pleasure. There are people who are capable of enjoying staying anywhere, but the truth is that most of us look for comfortable accommodation with certain services. In fact, if many times we do not choose to stay in the most luxurious rooms, it is because they are too expensive. That is why getting a good cheap hotel room at a good price is one of the aspirations of practically most travelers. What is clear is that saving money on accommodation is one of the best ways to lower the price of a trip.

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How to save with accommodation reservations

To start saving money with hotel reservations we have to have a clear idea, the hotel classification system is not the same in all countries of the world, that is, each country establishes its categories and the facilities associated with them. Even some countries like Australia have various hotel classification systems. Nowadays, the best way to get an idea of what the facilities are like and if they really correspond to what is offered is to know the opinion of other users.

On the other hand, there are countries in which the price difference between the different categories is not very significant, this is another factor to investigate and take into account, depending on the city, it will be convenient to give up a category range or not.  Here are a series of tricks that will help us save money on hotel reservations to plan your trips:

1. Travel in high season

Of course it is one of the most basic tricks to save on accommodation reservations, but also one of the most effective. If we talk about a tourist area in high season, prices obviously skyrocket, on the other hand, if we travel to the same area in low season, everything is more accessible. Another advantage will be the lower tourist saturation. Therefore, avoid traveling to the beach in the summer high season….

2. Travel during the week

The reason is the same as in the previous section, hotel prices go up if we reserve a room on a Friday and travel on a weekend. If you are lucky enough to have freedom of schedules, try to travel during the week and you cannot find a cheap weekend getaway, the hotels have much cheaper prices.

3. Be clear about the services you want to choose

It is clear that if we reserve a room in a hotel that has services such as a gym and spa, we will want to have the possibility of accessing them, but if that means a plus in the price, it is better that we first consider if we are really going to use them to avoid spending more money on travel and lower costs from the first moment.

4. Research the web pages

There are web pages specially designed to function as search engines, in them you can indicate the characteristics you are looking for your accommodation and they will send you the best offers. If you spend time, you can sometimes find real bargains and you can save money on booking accommodation. Currently, that practically everyone is accompanied to all parts of their Smartphone, it is also possible to download apps that fulfill this same task.

5. Choose a business hotel

It is true that if you decide on this option to save money when reserving accommodation, you may not have all the services you can have in a tourist hotel, but the rooms will be of adequate quality and the price will obviously be lower.

6. Don't limit yourself to hotels

Finally, you must be clear that there are many more means of accommodation than hotels. From hostels to private homes that can be free if we join systems such as couch surfing, as long as we have a little common sense, it can end up being a truly enriching experience.


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