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How to polish the parquet floor of your house?

Has the parquet in your house stopped shining and scratches on the furniture are more noticeable than the grain of the wood itself? Is it many years old and does it detract from the rest of your home as a whole? There is nothing lost, you do not have to change the entire floor of your home or get involved in complex works. Perhaps with a simple sanding your parquet will go back to what it was and look like new. Have you not fallen for this option? We tell you the simple steps to follow to polish the parquet of your house and make it look spectacular and shiny. Recover the life of your wooden flooring! MATERIALS TO POLISH THE PARQUET OF YOUR HOUSE Before we get down to work and polish the parquet in your home, it is important to know what materials we are going to need and which we will have to have. Take note and write down. Of course, we will need the main tool for this productive task, the parquet sander . This device will be the magic wand to start the change of our home.

How to fix leaks in the roof this 2020?

Need help learning how to fix roof leaks? Do not worry! At Amazing Roof Restoration , we have prepared for you a list of the best procedures for this. Fixing the leaks once and for all is possible, you just need to use the right materials. However, although we will share everything you need to know about fixing leaks in the roof, you need to evaluate if you really can handle it. Well, the procedures require a lot of time to perform, and it is of great physical demand. Therefore, if you are a person who generally does not perform a high-impact physical effort, and does not really do many feats, you should rethink this. Since, although the construction sector tends to generate expectations due to high costs, many procedures are very accessible. Also, if you take into account what you could lose if you do a bad job, or if you postpone the situation, you will notice that it is an investment. Why do roof leaks occur? To determine why roof leaks are occurring, it is important to eval

How to carry out a Technical Building Inspection

It is visual in nature, but performing ITE is of great importance to prevent major damage to a building or recommend certain practices to avoid expensive renovations. We see what a Technical Building Inspection consists of, how it is carried out and its advantages. What is an ITE and what does it consist of? It is mandatory in some cities in Australia and, according to regulations, must be carried out from time to time in buildings older than 50 years, although this point varies according to each Autonomous Community. The ITE can be carried out partially or totally. In the event that the inspection is carried out on an entire building, the protocol to follow is as follows: Review of the foundations and main structure of buildings: columns, load-bearing walls, etc. Review of exterior areas such as party walls, facades and roofs. Tightness check. Review of facilities: electrical, pipes and drains. Review of aspects that affect the health or safety of the tenants: elevators, hand