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How to carry out a Technical Building Inspection

It is visual in nature, but performing ITE is of great importance to prevent major damage to a building or recommend certain practices to avoid expensive renovations. We see what a Technical Building Inspection consists of, how it is carried out and its advantages.

building inspection

What is an ITE and what does it consist of?

It is mandatory in some cities in Australia and, according to regulations, must be carried out from time to time in buildings older than 50 years, although this point varies according to each Autonomous Community.

The ITE can be carried out partially or totally. In the event that the inspection is carried out on an entire building, the protocol to follow is as follows:

  • Review of the foundations and main structure of buildings: columns, load-bearing walls, etc.
  • Review of exterior areas such as party walls, facades and roofs.
  • Tightness check.
  • Review of facilities: electrical, pipes and drains.
  • Review of aspects that affect the health or safety of the tenants: elevators, handrails on stairs, etc.

After carrying out the ITE, the technician who carries it out is in charge of issuing a report to the city council about it. If it is favorable, the building must not pass another Technical Inspection until a new term. If it does not exceed it, the report itself will determine what aspects need to be improved in the building, which may lead to renovations.

Advantages of the Technical Building Inspection

In addition to the ITE reviews by regulatory mandate, requesting an inspection of this type has advantages for any community of owners and is more an investment than an expense. We see the most interesting:

  • The state of the property is known at a general level, which reassures the neighbors and avoids surprises.
  • In these inspections, small flaws can be detected in facades, roofs or facilities. If they are corrected in time, a greater outlay on future renovations is avoided and, above all, it prevents damage to people due to detachment or other damage caused by the temporary deterioration of any building.
  • Regulations change and the best way to adapt the property to them is with the help of a technician in this type of inspection.
  • These professionals, in addition to performing visual analyzes, are also consultants and can offer advice to apply for grants and subsidies to face possible reforms if the report so decides.

How to apply for the ITE

As in other types of reviews of this type, there are companies with certified technicians who can carry out the work and are authorized to issue these reports. The way to get them is by contacting one of these companies to request a quote. This will vary depending on the state of the building, its age and the data it may have.

building inspection

After receiving the budget, it is weighed whether to accept it or not, and then - if it is decided to go ahead - allow the professional to access the farm to carry out the analysis. This can take a few hours or a few days.

Finally, if the community of neighbors has the obligation to present the report, they will receive advice from the technician on how to do it. You can also choose not to present it to the competent authority (if you are not obliged) and keep it to inform the owners of the aspects that need to be improved on the farm.

In any of the cases, carrying out an ITE in a property is always recommended, especially to avoid greater evils in terms of security of the tenants.


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