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How to polish the parquet floor of your house?

Has the parquet in your house stopped shining and scratches on the furniture are more noticeable than the grain of the wood itself? Is it many years old and does it detract from the rest of your home as a whole?

There is nothing lost, you do not have to change the entire floor of your home or get involved in complex works. Perhaps with a simple sanding your parquet will go back to what it was and look like new. Have you not fallen for this option? We tell you the simple steps to follow to polish the parquet of your house and make it look spectacular and shiny. Recover the life of your wooden flooring!

polish parquet floors


Before we get down to work and polish the parquet in your home, it is important to know what materials we are going to need and which we will have to have. Take note and write down.

Of course, we will need the main tool for this productive task, the parquet sander. This device will be the magic wand to start the change of our home.

Another important element is the brush; it is usually very useful when removing remains or accumulations of the polished material.

Hammer and remove nails, depending on the state in which our soil is, we will have or not to use them. But it is always good to have them on hand for these types of tasks.

For the subsequent cleaning of the already polished floor and to provide the waxing, we will have to have a cloth, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, a paint roller and a soft brush. When it comes to protecting ourselves against dust and sanding debris, in addition to cleaning products, always have a respiratory mask.

We will also need a series of products for the treatment of polished wood. We will have to buy a parquet cleaner, putty, a lacquer and a sealer.

Steps to polish parquet floors

We will have to clear the room we want to work in, remove all the furniture and junk that may hinder you in the task. Empty the room completely. If you see that in your parquet there are loose or poorly fixed nails, renew them and replace them with new ones. Make sure all the flooring is firmly anchored. Help yourself with the hammer and the nail remover.

polishing parquet floors


It is the step that takes the most effort. The floors of our houses have plastic or wax protectors, which we will have to remove with the sanding work. This is the layer that we will have to renew.

We will have to be vigilant in this process, it is very important that everything is well leveled and that there are no rises or falls in level. Sanding by hand is much more complex than with the sanding machine and the result may not be appropriate. That is why we recommend doing it with this tool that will facilitate our work.

After that, we will clean the entire floor, vacuum cleaner in hand, cloth and broom until there is no speck left.


If our parquet is very damaged, we will have to apply putty in the areas or joints that are not level. Later, when the putty is dry, we will sand it and leave it at the same level as the rest of the floor.

We clean again to ensure that there are no remains that can adhere to the varnish.


We will apply a varnish to the entire floor, in this way we will fully protect it and it will have much more shine and resistance.

This step is also very important, we will have to be careful when applying these layers and not leaving any area without varnish. We will have to apply two coats of varnish; we will always do it following the grain of the wood.

If we use oils, we will need to apply it with the roller, and if there are excesses we will have to remove them with the cloth.

As you can see, polishing the parquet of your house is not complicated and the results you can see for yourself that will greatly benefit the state of your house.

If you think that the most appropriate thing is for the best Parquet expert in your area to completely change your floor because it has no solution, we will put you in contact with him. In this way you will ensure the best and most homogeneous result.


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