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What to do in the event of a roof leak?

The Roof Repair, because of its importance in protecting your entire home, must be constantly monitored and maintained.

A few broken tiles or a cracked slate plate left as it is can quickly cause leaks, infiltrations, see fungus or mold and ruin your insulation and your frame, your walls, etc.

Bad weather, sunlight or natural erosion of materials disturb the waterproofing of your roof, it can become porous. In which case all the treatments you apply on the blanket will be of no use.

More seriously, tiles or slate plates can come loose, slip and injure someone. Not to mention the gutters and gutters which can also be pierced with oxidation or come loose, creating infiltrations and cracks in your facades.

Roof Repair can have consequences on the thermal insulation of your roof or attic. It can also lead to overconsumption of energy.

The main roofing problems and how to spot them 

The main problems causing roof repairs are:

  • roof faults that cause stagnation of rainwater
  • a faulty ridge
  • branches and plants deposited following bad weather
  • snow that has been left on too long and too much, or hail
  • poorly maintained or clogged gutters that prevent rainwater drainage
  • poor quality materials or poorly suited to your roof type
  • the age of your roof
For a complete diagnosis of your roof or frame, it is preferable to call in a professional who can recommend the work to be done if necessary.

However, you can check your frame for the absence of harmful insects (they leave sawdust) and if the beams are in good condition (no cracks or friability).

To Restore roof, nothing beats going up on the roof. Make sure you use all the necessary safety devices: roof ladder, safety harness and lifeline, safety shoes and above all never climb alone, neither after or in the rain or in the event of frost! If your roof is very steep, leave this job to a professional!

What to do in the event of a roof leak?

Whenever you notice a leak or infiltration or a stain appears on the ceiling, plan the roof repair work as soon as possible .

Then protect everything below the leak (furniture, electrical appliances, floors, etc.) and remove the room fuses to avoid any electrical incident.

If necessary, place a container under the leak to catch dripping water. Intervene quickly!    


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