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How can I invest in diamond? - Argyle Diamond Investments

Investing in diamonds is a smart investment. Not only do they retain their value, they are also very resistant to shocks. Natural diamonds are profitable in the long run because supply is shrinking, but demand continues to grow.

At Argyle Diamond Investments, we want to make sure you choose the right investment for your personal situation. That is why we can propose 4 different investment options to adequately satisfy your wishes.

1. Find your perfect diamond

2. Find your perfect diamond - quotes 24/7

3. Request a personalized investment package

4. Choose from our selection of "Special Diamonds"

We assure you that we offer the respective diamonds for each option at the best price. Which option suits you best?

1. Find your perfect diamond

By creating the largest selection of certified diamonds in the world, we offer you the 10 classic diamond shapes, always at 1.00 ct or more.

All of our diamonds are very high quality, conflict free and certified by a leading, independent and internationally recognized laboratory such as GIA, IGI or HRD.

Our webshop allows you to easily change the filters to your preferences, find the right diamond to invest in and order it online immediately. We assure you that all of our prices are unique in the entire diamond industry thanks to our unique approach.

2. Find your perfect diamond - quotes 24/7

If you cannot find the desired diamonds to invest in from our selection of certified loose diamonds, you can always submit a request for a quote using our digital form. This form does not commit you to anything. The investment experts at Argyle Diamond Investments will review your application and send you a personalized quote. We will send this to you, of course, as soon as possible. We make it a point of honor to send you a quote within the hour. At the latest, you can expect your personalized quote within 24 hours of shipment.

We also offer you the best value for money for this option.

3. Request a personalized investment package

At Argyle Diamond Investments, we also offer you certified loose diamond packages that meet your specific investment and budget demands. We use 3 different approaches to get the best results. You can announce your budget and requirements to Argyle Diamond Investments experts by email or phone. Then they will go to work and quote you. You will receive this personalized quote by email.

Of course, the selling price of these diamonds is also among the most competitive in the entire diamond industry.

4. Choose from our selection of "Exclusive Diamonds"    

Of course, all diamonds are valuable and unique, but some are more rare than others. And then there are the exceptionally rare diamonds , called "Specials." Whether a diamond falls into the "Special" category depends on a combination of several aspects, such as carat weight, clarity, shape, and color.

Specialty diamonds are particularly suitable for long-term investments.

We are able to offer you these specialty diamonds at unbeatable prices, again thanks to our unique approach.


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