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Removals for companies and businesses

There are many reasons why a business or company may change office or location, such as the rise in the rent of the premises, the need for more space or the improvement of location. Whatever the case, it can be a tiring, costly and troublesome process if done in a disorganized manner. I make a move for companies is work for professionals.

moving office service

Aspects to take into account when moving for companies

In order to avoid problems and complications, from RBR moving we would like to give you a series of tips or advice on how to survive an office transfer to be able to organize a move for companies or businesses properly:

  • The first thing we should do when considering a change of location or a move is an inventory, both of the material and the possible stock, offices and / or warehouse, depending on what we want to move. It is important to know all the details and details of the cargo that we will transport to plan the means that we will have to count on.
  • Once we have done the inventory, it may be a good time to check if we really need to hire the professional services of a moving company or we can do it ourselves. Depending on the size of our company or the office or location that we want to move, it is possible that we can organize and move it ourselves, even so it is advisable to get advice and plan everything very well. With the inventory made, we will be able to give information to a professional of the removals who estimates the service.
  • A move, whether it is at a private or commercial level, is a good time to get rid of everything that we no longer need. It is common in all offices to store large quantities of papers that are no longer useful, and in the case of business premises, excess stock. Relocation is the perfect excuse to find a solution to all this.
  • Measuring all the old furniture is important, as it will avoid future surprises. In case it does not fit us in the new office idea or we simply do not fit everything, selling it can be a good option to save some money and save space.
  • The entire team should assist in the moving process. Often times it is advisable to put a few people in charge to worry about potential inconveniences. If you do not hire a moving company to move your company or business, someone will have to take care of the packaging of all the material and organize it so that, both at the time of moving it and at the time of relocating it, no problems or complications arise.
  • You have to make sure you have the new location before you leave the old one, otherwise everything will be delayed and the business will be offline longer than it should. If it inevitably is, the best place to store all the furniture and packages is a storage room or storage room.
  • We currently live connected to a network, whether it is Internet, lighting or gas. At the time of re-registration for any supply network, the process may take longer than necessary. It is advisable to process it in advance or, failing that, have a plan B to be able to work without problems.
  • Something essential in any move for companies or businesses is to notify customers and suppliers of the change in advance. You can put up a sign at the office entrance or send emails with the new address, for example. The important thing is that everyone knows it and no one gets lost along the way.

With a good organization and a bit of calm it is possible to face a move without problems. If you need help packing your belongings and their subsequent transfer to the new premises, do not hesitate to contact RBR moving and we will be delighted to assist you.

moving services for companies

Moving services for companies

At RBR moving we offer our professional services to carry out transfers, transportation and removals for companies and businesses of all kinds. We have the necessary infrastructure to move your office furniture or different stock that you may have, as well as parts and materials. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to move your belongings, furniture and material safely, quickly and efficiently.

Contact us for advice or budget for the move for your company or business.


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