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What is a family counselor?

The family counselor exercises the role of guiding the family and the human person in various ways. Depending on your academic and experiential training, you can help mainly as

  • Facilitator of personal and family development and growth processes: that is, it promotes and facilitates development and growth processes of the family and of each of its members, guiding them in the course of their normal development stages and processes, in such a way that These are fully and positively assumed and seeking to find solutions to their problems in a conscious, free, reasoned and responsible manner. The objective will be to provoke one or more changes, the effect of which will be to make the family competent enough to resolve the difficulties by itself and to find an alternative to the production of symptoms.
  • Promoter and defender of the family, of its development and strengthening: promotes and defends the family as a fundamental institution for human and social development, announcing its value and dignity; and denouncing any situation that tends to reduce or destroy it. He accompanies and advises the family in the course of its normal development stages and processes, strengthening it so that they are fully understood and assumed.
  • Informal educator: is concerned with the full development of the family and its members. It contributes to the integral development of the person and the family, collaborating with it directly or indirectly and with other derivative institutions dedicated to achieving the perfection and fullness of the human person.

family development counselling

In counseling, the help that is intended to be given is not in the “advice”, but in the ability to focus on a problem through questions, so that a process of reflection takes place in the person towards the problem causing the crisis. It is a process through which a person, couple or family group is helped to make decisions about a situation that produces an alteration of family dynamics, so that it is taken in a voluntary and informed way.

The main objective will be to promote the autonomy of people with respect to their social, professional and cultural environment, to provide tools to the person, couple or family group so that they can face situations that produce alterations in family dynamics. To achieve this the main strategy that counseling uses is dialogue / communication, mutual prayer / reading of scriptures.


1. Defend

The family counselor defends the family as a fundamental institution for human and social development, recognizing its value as that of each of its members, with actions aimed at protecting it from situations that threaten it and seeking its rights, stability, strength and the autonomous exercise of their functions. 

2. Promote

In its work, it focuses on achieving the good of the family and that of each of its members, recognizes and promotes the family as a community of intimate life whose structure of relationships based on unconditional love for its members is essential for the balance and fullness of the person, so it exalts its value and seeks its fundamental place in society. 

3. Prevent

Carry out actions to prevent situations that may negatively affect the family and its members, guiding possible conflictive situations that arise in family life, in addition to the consequences of psychosocial problems and their repercussions on the person, in family dynamics, and in society. The preventive function is carried out through educational techniques aimed at the community, the family nucleus or its members. 

family counselor

4. Guide

Guides the family and its members towards their development and fulfillment, assisting them in their normal growth and in finding solutions to their problems in a free and responsible way; in addition to guiding her in relation to actions and intervention programs related to her concrete reality. 

5. Educate 

Collaborates with the family so that they positively exercise their role as the primary responsible for the education of their children, especially in the area of ​​formation of moral values ​​and virtues. Provides knowledge, techniques and develops strategies so that the family and its members face their stages, processes and challenges adequately; in addition to carrying out actions aimed at educating the community about the value of the family and the human person and their necessary protection. 

6. Train 

Can train the family, parents and their members to assume and exercise in a positive and effective way their role with respect to the achievement of the fullness of themselves and of others; Through the organization of workshops, schools for and for parents, family meetings, adolescents, etc. 

7. Investigate 

Investigates in his professional work on those topics and problems of family life and evolution, detecting shortcomings and strengths of the family and proposing concrete paths of development, family as well as research challenges to other professionals. 

8. Derive 

On the personal and family reality, guide it and, if absolutely necessary, contact Dr. Jonathan Toussaint for advice.

counselling service

9. Coordinate 

The counselor familiar guide and direct the development process of the family or any of its members to its well assisting in the solution to their situation and problems, so it is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating, intervening in the process, showing possible paths and promoting decision-making in a timely and effective manner. 

This function can be carried out through the design and programming of family orientation courses as well as through the coordination of multidisciplinary teams, family intervention and project development, among others. Get in touch with Dr. Jonathan Toussaint today!


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