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How to organize a move step by step?

Moving houses takes a great deal of your time and energy. Not only because you have to pack all your belongings and assemble and disassemble the furniture that you will take with you to the new home, but also because you must carry out some procedures related to the supplies of water, electricity, gas, Internet, etc. So it is normal for you to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. You may not be able to move mountains, but you can go little by little if you organize it in advance. Here at RBR Moving , we explain how to organize a move step by step. When organizing a move, start 2 months before 1. Order and throw away what you don't need Organize things room by room to decide what you would take with you and what you don't use and are going to throw away or donate. You should also ask yourself if there are items that will need special packaging or take out insurance for valuables. 2. Compare moving companies If you are going to hire the services of a moving company

Risk factors in the warehouse

The vast majority of workplace accidents are caused by inadequate working conditions or known risk factors. These accidents do not normally occur due to natural or unavoidable causes. Risk factors are classified as follows Work teams The damage that work equipment can cause can be truly serious and cause very serious accidents for the health of workers: accidents, crushing, being run over, cuts and falls. We refer to work equipment as those that are necessary to carry out the storage and handling operations of materials, such as, for example, facilities, tools, machines, etc. Environmental conditions Environmental conditions are present in the warehouse environment and can negatively influence the health of workers, who are exposed to noise, gases, vapors, vibrations, chemical or biological agents, etc. Workload When workers perform manual loading and unloading activities for long periods of time, they can cause back and joint injuries due to the physical strain of hand

Documents that a truck driver should have

Today, the transport sector is heavily regulated. For security reasons, more and more documents must be carried inside the trucks. Are you sure you wear them all? Driver's own documents Being a truck driver requires great responsibility. Taking a heavy-duty vehicle on the roads, often loading dangerous goods, cannot be done by just anyone. The truck driver should be able to bring with him the following documents: DNI, passport or similar identification document. Class C driving license. If the truck has a trailer, the C + E will be required. within the case of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), the training certificate This certificate certifies that the driver is qualified to move this kind of cargo. If the truck has an analog tachograph, you need to have the diagram discs for that week and also the previous two. If, on the contrary, the tachograph is digital, you need to have your digital card. Documents related to the truck If it is essential that the driver is the ri