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Documents that a truck driver should have

Today, the transport sector is heavily regulated. For security reasons, more and more documents must be carried inside the trucks. Are you sure you wear them all?

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Driver's own documents

Being a truck driver requires great responsibility. Taking a heavy-duty vehicle on the roads, often loading dangerous goods, cannot be done by just anyone. The truck driver should be able to bring with him the following documents:

  • DNI, passport or similar identification document.
  • Class C driving license. If the truck has a trailer, the C + E will be required.
  • within the case of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), the training certificate This certificate certifies that the driver is qualified to move this kind of cargo.
  • If the truck has an analog tachograph, you need to have the diagram discs for that week and also the previous two.
  • If, on the contrary, the tachograph is digital, you need to have your digital card.

Documents related to the truck

If it is essential that the driver is the right one, in the case of trucks it is no different. It must be in optimal conditions to carry out the transport in a safe and efficient way. To check that this can be the case, you need to bring the subsequent documents:

  • Vehicle data sheet.
  • Circulation permit.
  • Technical Inspection Documents of Vehicles
  • Mandatory insurance in force.
  • Transport authorization.
  • In the case of transporting dangerous goods (ADR), a conforming approval certificate meets all the necessary requirements.

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Cargo documents

In trucking, loads of a very diverse nature can be carried. Some are inevitably more delicate than others. Especially those considered dangerous. Therefore, each kind of cargo would require providing different documentation. Specifically, the documents associated with the cargo that you simply must carry are the following:

  • For dangerous goods, the consignment note. It is the document that describes the merchandise and also the quantity that is being transported. It should also certify that the cargo is good for ADR transport.
  • Informative documentation for the driver that may describe the risks of the transported goods, so as to avoid accidents.

Having the mandatory documents for the operation of trucks is essential. Before starting any route check that you are taking all of them. You can not only avoid a penalty. It is also possible that you can just avoid an accident.

Requirements for transporting dangerous goods

Transporting dangerous goods could be a task that needs a great deal of responsibility. That is why its transport is governed by strict regulations and not only is it enough to have the license of the vehicle you are driving, but it is also necessary to have a special administrative authorization, the Agreement for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This permit seeks to guarantee the maximum safety conditions to transport these substances in Australia, and in most countries.

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When we talk about dangerous goods, we refer to the following substances and their subtypes: explosive goods, gases, flammable liquids, solid flammable, self-reactive and solid desensitized explosives, oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, toxic materials and infectious materials, radioactive materials, materials corrosives and various dangerous substances and objects. We suggest that you get our driving classes today to have all the necessary requirements for transporting dangerous goods without any issues.

The ADR is valid for 5 years and to renew the authorization, you must take refresher courses and pass an exam from the Traffic Headquarters.

To obtain ADR authorization, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Have a class B driving license for at least one year?
  2. Take a training course in an academy authorized by the DGT and pass an exam on the conduct of freight transport.
  3. Have normal residence in Australia.
  4. Not be judicially incapacitated from the right to drive motor vehicles or the suspension of the license.
  5. Have the psychophysical aptitudes to obtain the C1 class permit.

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On the road, it is always worth complying with the rules, for your safety and that of everyone. This is why you must train to perform this job. In the case of transporting dangerous goods without having obtained the ADR, the driver is committing a really serious offense punishable by fines.

Obtaining the ADR not only allows you to transport dangerous goods, but also gives you the possibility to expand your driving skills and perform jobs that you could not before, expanding your job prospects. Contact Chris Shilling Transport Training today for more info.


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