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All you need to know about air conditioning - fixed or mobile

Everything you ever wanted to know about air conditioning but never dared to ask. Summer is upon us and its heat is already knocking, the air conditioning is your only ally against the intense heat and the heat that penetrate your home during these months. However, just buying and installing a good air conditioning system is never a rewarding choice. Here's what you need to know about your air conditioning system.
Everything you ever wanted to know about air conditioning but never dared to ask. Summer is upon us and its heat is already knocking,

Do you want to know how to manage (save with) your air conditioning system? Here you are: here and in the next articles we will talk to you about the secrets you need to know to save on your bills with your air conditioner .Let's start right away: to save on the cost of air conditioning you must… know the air conditioners. That is: better to choose a fixed air conditioner or a portable air conditioner ? Let's see the differences: installing a fixed air conditioner in your home means being able to create air ducting systems, thus creating a multisplit network (equipped with multiple splits) installed in all the rooms of your home. Portable air conditioners (so called because they are transportable in the rooms of your home) do not need major masonry works and can be useful for cooling (or heating) rooms of modest size.

Which air conditioner to choose then?

It depends. Portable air conditioners are certainly cheaper and more manageable, however they are less performing than fixed air conditioning in the management of classic domestic environments. Furthermore, the maintenance of the filters of fixed air conditioners is certainly easier and more reliable for professionals of proven trust - and you know how much in times of Coronavirus the hygiene of your split is a must for you and for those you love. 

So this year, save on everything but don't save on health.

We are your trusted experts for boilers and inverters and heat pumps and we are here to support you, in Siziano or Melegnano, or in Opera, Locate Triulzi, Pieve Emanuele or Sant'Angelo Lodigiano. In short, we are there from Pavia to Lodi. We specialize in the following products and services: air conditioner - air conditioners - air conditioning - split - air conditioners - inverter. We are suppliers of Beretta and Hermann Saunier Duval boilers as market leading boilers with reliable products, but we can help you with the maintenance of your favorite boiler brand too.

heat pump air conditioning

Is your air conditioner or boiler having a tantrum? Maybe then you live in Siziano or Melegnano, or in Opera, Locate Triulzi, Pieve Emanuele or Pavia. Then you are really lucky! Because you can start saving a lot of money by buying your next heat pump air conditioner.But before buying your heat pump air conditioner for cooling in summer or for heating in winter, it is important that you know the peculiarities of the various air conditioners on the market. So you will be free to buy your heat pump air conditioner that best suits your needs.

So, what is the air conditioning and above all how does it work? The operation of this machine is similar to that ... of a refrigerator. That's right, you read that right: a refrigerator that works in an inverted manner: it takes heat from an external source (air, water or earth) and transports it inside your home according to your needs.

How heat pump air conditioners work

To put it simply, this machine is a real technological prodigy, I'll explain to you: the heat pump air conditioner does not simply produce hot and cold air, this machine manages to transport heat, taking it from one room and transferring it to another. During the summer, for example, it takes the heat present inside the room to be cooled and brings it to the outside, thus changing the direction of the heat flow., Thus changing the direction of the heat flow. So healthy and chilled air in summer and naturally warm air in winter. How much does this marvel cost? this portent? You should ask yourself how much it saves you, rather.


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