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Home automation: do you know what it is?

Home automation, or home automation, provides access to control or schedule the automatic activation of different devices in your home from smartphones, tablets or computers.

Much is said about smart Home automation and the use of technology to improve people's lives. Home automation is fundamental in this matter, and allows developed technologies to be used at home, in everyday life. Even more today, that everyone is in a hurry and wants more ease, having an automated home can help a lot. Learn more about home automation and learn how your home can become more productive and proactive:

What is home automation?

In a broader definition, automation is related to scheduling events to automated devices on the same network. This schedule may include commands programmed by time, such as turning on your lights at 8 pm using the  Scheduling can also be done based on conditions, such as turning on the air conditioner if the temperature is higher than 25ยบ. In this way, automating represents  a broader and smarter way to carry out commands on devices . Home automation  , in turn, makes it possible to further increase comfort in homes. The possibility of monitoring and controlling devices remotely, not worrying about certain household chores and saving energy makes innovation highly viable for homes.

What can I automate?

home automation on smartphone Control of devices in the home with Home automation  can be done by a smartphone. Basically, any equipment that can be connected to a network . Gates, lighting, garden irrigation systems, ambient sound, air conditioning, security cameras, presence sensors ... It is possible to connect all this equipment to a network and, through the Internet of Things , also perform the control even when you are not. at home. With everything interconnected, your home can be even more comfortable, safe and with personalized operation according to your preferences.

What do I need to install in my house?

automation modules Modules for wireless Home automation .Typically, home automation equipment has wired or wireless modules to be installed in your home. In the case of Bluelux , we offer modules that can be easily installed without the need for renovations.

How can automation help me save energy?

Lighting and plants Lighting control can contribute to energy savings.With smart drives, home automation has great potential to reduce the cost of your electricity bills. Automatically switching off lamps and controlling the air conditioning, for example, are simple measures that make a big difference at the end of the month. In addition to ensuring greater comfort, automating your home, in the end, is to invest in savings.


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